I am feeling so hurt.  so very deeply hurt.  How can someone you loved with your whole heart for years treat you like you are nothing & lie & expose your most deepest trusted secrets you shared publicly in a vicious court battle to protect themselves from looking honestly at themselves?

it’s not fair & it is deeply, deeply hurtful.  the problem is the person i loved, turns out they have no conscience or moral compass.  they are a predator turns out & only care about their own self interest. the truth be damned.  my heart & welfare & life be damned.  they don’t care about the havoc they wrecked in my life permanently today, my ability to get a job, run for office, have a life, be able to move about my own beloved city i have lived in for 20 years with no problems.  they threw me under the bus, lied their heart out just to serve themselves & then said Sorry as i was on my way out of the room right after decided to royally screw me.

am super struggling with truth & belief in humanity at this point.  all my friends put me on the stand for telling the truth.  no one has been truely supportive, only judgmental of me & doubting me through out this whole arduous sickening process. i didn’t deserve this.  i risked caring with my whole heart.  problem is when the other person doesn’t, they can take your deeply most trusted vulnerabilities & heart & crush & jump on them & enjoy it if they are evil & cold enough & brutally self serving enough.

please some say something nice & encouraging to me right now.  i am severely hurting after today’s proceedings.

thank you in advance. ❤

can any one else relate?  please share your stories.  Have you been screwed by a psycopath you were in love with?  Someone you discovered after years was a literal heartless self serving psycopath?

sooo much love & healing to your hearts as well. I know it is truely brutal when someone will stop at nothing to destroy you & your life after victimizing & sexually assaulting & raping you for years when you were hugely vulnerable with a brain injury & no family, acting like they are the victim in the legal system.

Please, please share you stories. I don’t want to feel alone in this right now & right now i totally do.

Power to the sistas! 🙂



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