Letting the Outside In . . .Connection & the Logistics of our Housing

In rainy regions & just about anywhere, we need houses & apartments with “convertible” roofs just like cars, so you can do your household chores in the sun, looking up at the sky & bring the outside in.  🙂

I really wonder if anyone could or has invented this idea already.  If they haven’t, want to give me a cut, like 10% of your sales or something if you work out the logistics? I’m serious. 

I think part of our depression as a culture is we move around like discombobulated heads, going here, going there, not really attached or conscious of our bodies & that we should be living from the heart through the brain, not reverse.   We live in these square boxes, totally cut off from & insulated from Life–the birds singing around us, Mother Nature’s sighs & breezes, what our neighbors are doing, what the animals are doing, disconnected from our Mother the Sky. 

I feel for us. I really do.  I want this option of a convertible roof, i can roll back when the sun shines.  Or a plexiglass roof, where you can see outside your house even when it rains.  How bout even a plexiglass house?  Of course with curtains & doors where necessary for good boundaries privacy sake.  

Still just live our lives allowing a few more cracks to open where we let in the Light, Life, our Divine connect to Mother Earth & all it’s beautyfull inhabitants a little more & a little more. 

You may call me a hippy, but i would say i am a pragmatist.  Love is real. Life is Healing.  Connection feeds. Not just our bodies, minds & hearts it feeds our soul.  It keeps us healthy & happy. It would cut down on doctors visits & trips to the shrink. 

Happy day to you all.  Thank you dear readers for letting me sharing my internal ramblings.  ❤

Bless-sings to you all. 🙂


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