The Soul & the Personality

The soul can get through with ease that with which the personality struggles . .. “How can I ever make it?!!!”  The soul is always a calm cool collected cucumber, Wide as the Ocean & filled with Light.  In times of duress trust there is a bigger process at hand & that God/the Universe and the soul are at the wheel, steering you in the right direction. 🙂

I say this as a note to myself, because right now my loneliness is unbearable.  So many friends have betrayed, abandoned rejected me in the harshest way since my dad died & i am going through the worst breakup of my life.  I am hoping one day soon i will see the bigger picture & fully recognize my worth amidst all the rejection once again.

While i think the first paragraph is true, i also feel that some soul’s choose much harder lives than others. I was super ambitious before i incarnated here. 🙂  Now i’m like what was i thinking!!!!


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