A Bird with a Broken Wing . . .

A bird that flies with a broken wing,

where does it land?  where is it’s safety?

In a world of hurt & bramble bushes & thorns . . .

I once had wings that were smooth & wide

skimming tides & oceansides.

Gazing at sunsets over the canyons,

but life chipped away at me & the wing snapped.


I want to heal, but i think the real trick is loving self

even when the wing is broken, even when people

come to prey,  even when no one believes in you.

Today, even though i was horribly imperfect I choose to love & embrace myself.  The person with the broken wing. The person who was made for flight.  The person that who was born to soar, who temporarily, I hope, has this large broken wing.

To all those others with deep hurts & breaks, I choose to send you love today on your journey.  May you know your Beauty exactly as you are right now–“imperfections” & all.   May you know you are NOT alone.  There are many birds with broken wings.  If you look closely even those are not really imperfections. There is sublime beauty in our vulnerabilities because it is the place where we truely connect & are human.

Blessings & love to me today & to you as well. 🙂  I  didn’t achieve what i wanted to today, but i love myself just because i deserve it even in my areas of self that are vulnerable & need extra love & hugs!



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