The Heart & Trust

The heart is such a fragile muscle

Mine got bashed this year

& shut down.

Safety causes the flower bud to open,

slowly, beautyfully . . .

I was learning to trust the world again and then


I have retreated curled up tight,

the bud to stem.

Shut down, closed for the season.

But I think if i learn my lessons right

I will find safety, trust & the warmth of Love

again–& open with gentle grace

and Beauty.

At least this is my highest, truest hope.

To become a full flower on a tulip tree

Bud wide open

Losing my pedals over

time.   Of a life lived

with a full, open

& generous heart.

Surrounded by other flowers & wafting

in their perfumed Beauty.

Connected in community

to the same branch

the same trunk

the same tree.

Living fully,

giving themselves away

pedal by pedal

to the soft earth below.

Dieing to be reborn

again anew.


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