The Topic of Looks in a Shallow Society . . .A Logical Perspective

So, I don’t know . . .what’s a show of hands from my dear readers?,

how many of you feel discriminated by, evaluated or judged on your looks?  How important of a value do you belleve the US societal structure places on first impressions?  Flash over substance?  A nice suit, looking the part at the office over what actually gets done & job performance?

A show of hands for the number of women or men who feel that their looks don’t measure up or they aren’t asked out because they aren’t the prettiest or most handsome?

Well, the older I get the more & more sick to death I am of our totally shallow culture in the dear US of A.  Especially as as woman I get bombarded with it.  When i play the game, then guys like me primarily for my looks & body.  When i stop dying my hair & let my grey shine, I become invisible.

I was just thinking about it logically for a moment . . .If you think about that the average human lifespan is around 80 years & the first 10, looks don’t matter cuz we are just kids after all, really the age you can be viably beautifull before your looks go south is around 20-40.  That’s 20 years tops.  And then you think about how we all have our good years & not so good years during that time period . . .So let’s say we have 10 solid good look years in us according to society’s standards, maximum 20.  If the average life span is 80 years, that’s just 25% of our time here & the remainder . . 75% we will fall below societies virtues of paragons.  We will not have teh perfect thighs, abs, butts, hair, eyebrows, muscles, cheek bones & so on.

So just from a perfectly logical perspective, spending so much time, & money on a fleeting vanity that often costs us our health–high heals, foot, leg & posture issues, bras–dramatically increase breast cancer odds, hair dye increase cancer rates for us & the poor hair stylists, not to mention how much all of that hits the pocket book . . .the countless hours at the mall looking for the “perfect” outfit, when we could have been outside looking at a beautyfull sunset or hiking, the countless worry, shame not feeling enough, when we could have spent that precious time doing yoga & increasing our inward/outward beauty, the countless hours hiding in bed, trying to minimize our bad angles or play up our good ones, the countless hours waxing, shaving, pruning our bodies . . . instead of volunteering & making ourselves & someone else smile . . . . .ahhh i need to breathe.  I need to meditate on the beauty of the earth.  On the beauty of these sacred vessels we call bodies, whose hearts beat without rest, one after the other after the other pump, beat until the day we die.

Let’s stop the insanity.  It’s fine to throw a brush through the hair or do the best to take care, but all the rest is just a huge unnecessary waste of energy, time, landfill space, trucks polluting the environment, for huge shopping malls & toxic make-up & hair dyes which all shorten our lovely, precious beauty-full lives anyways.

Let’s all collectively BREATH & give ourselves & our magnificent miraculous bodies a huge pat on the back for all the great things our beauty-full magnificient genius bodies did for us today.  For the gracious vessels that allowed our spirit to shine, for us to do our life’s soul purpose, to hug our children, our families, to share in a smile or some food.

I want to thank my body from the bottom of my heart for all she does for me.  She is beauty-full.  She is such a sacred gift, that creates joy & dance & longing & orgasmic love.  From her radiant eyes I can see my own wonderful reflection & I can let myself soar.

Just a thought . . .We need to challenge our culture instead of being on autopilot & do things without thinking of their relevance & why & what’s the point.

Thank you for reading.

Namaste & Blessings to you & your fabulous miraculous Beauty-full bodies & selves & all of God’s wonder-us creation. 🙂


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