i had fun tonight! or at least wasn’t as sad & obsessed w/ my ex as usual. :)

I forced myself to get out this weekend & it has payed off. I was off to a slow start tonight, feeling awkward, feeling blue, but then it turned around!  ended up the forcing myself out of the house method seems to be most effective at getting over my ex. 🙂 i went to a kirtan with friends–spirituality good.  Then after chanting, went to a dance contest birthday party @ 10pm.  Was hesitant to go after the calming influence of chanting, but am glad i pushed myself because I met some great people, heard lots of nice things about me–which is always great after a breakup where you constantly felt under-appreciated by your partner & most importantly connected to old friends!  And best of all my health issues were manageable tonight & i was able to dance!  So that was a huge, huge, huge victory!

Feeling gratitude.  I love & miss my ex, but with energy healing, forcing myself out of the house & the help of friends am starting to thaw out & feel like a somewhat normal human being in the world, even though still hurting in my heart.

Thank you readers for the help in this department as well. Your likes & support means the world to me right now. 🙂


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