Breaking Free

After the bone shaking grief

After the tree has shaken it’s leaves loose to the ground.

It stands bare, alone,

But strong.

Stripped down, soul bared & naked,

roots & branches exposed to air.

So vulnerable, so exposed,

like a raw nerve.

It snaps me to the Present.

Down to the barest of essentials.

Finally seeing reality for what it truely is,

I stand tall & rooted–

taking inventory of me . . .owning me.

There is something power-full in this, seeing things for what they Really are,

what they never were,

grieving what I wish had been . . .

When all is said & done I am left with the basics of myself,

my Truest Self & that voice deep within is firm, strong, grounded &

gaining power.

Now that the leaves have been shaken away, there is room for air & Light in this loneliness.

Stripped bare, I breath more fully, deeply,

clinging tightly to This moment, this breath.

I will miss you, like a sweet song, like the ache of fall

when all was golden.  But I know the real

Truth & power lies within.

There is air & light breaking through the cracks

and there is a freedom being stripped down to these bare essentials,

no matter how harsh & barren they might seem.


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