Love Letter to the Wounded . . .You are Not alone <3

Blessings all 🙂

A Love Letter to the Wounded (Destitute, Forsaken or Lonely Ones)

Even when Every one has rejected you,      You are Not a lone.

My love is all encompassing, it embraces you

In the breath of the wind

The sigh of the trees tickling the sky

In the Livingness of the grass beneath your feet.

So breath deep & full of this Living energy, Love

that is Life.

You are not for saken,

Even if no one understands

your Unique beauty,

your timid smile  . . .

I will hold you close

like an eyelash in a Palm

that is to be set free upon the Wind.

From your pain

I create Beauty

Your anguish


Your sorrow & torture

True empowerment

If you will wait out the storm,

My Divine Intelligence can swim

most strongly in the most

Ravaged, darkest places of your


Fear Not

Need Not

Weep Not

For I am underneath

And through

& surrounding

All things.

I hold your hand in


And Shine my Light

In your beauteous eyes

Like a current to the sea

We will never be apart

For long.


God (Mother/Father Goddess/God)


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